Patrick Howard

Professor of Education

1 902 563 1300

Cape Breton University, Sydney, NS, B1P 6L2

  • Research Interests 

    • Teacher education

    • Sustainability education

    • Phenomenology

    • Creativity

    • Eco-criticism

    • Digital media

    • Assessment


Dr. Patrick Howard joined the Department of Education at Cape Breton University in 2009. He began his teaching career in 1983 at St. Pius X High School in Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador. During a career spanning 26 years, his teaching experiences on coastal Newfoundland deeply influenced and shaped his future teaching and research interests. As a teacher, he taught children in a region once home to the greatest biomass on the planet. The incredible diversity and numbers of fish species that swam the plankton-rich waters of the North Atlantic stood not only as testament to the miracle of the life generating power of the Earth, but also to the unknowable depths of human greed and the capacity to destroy and lay waste to that same miraculous fecundity. He has dedicated his academic life to exploring how culture, literacy, and the imagination can point to a new relationship with the Earth we call home and on which we depend entirely. 

Dr. Howard has a. M.Ed (Teaching) from Memorial University of Newfoundland, a Graduate Diploma in Language Arts Teaching and a PhD (Secondary Education) from the University of Alberta. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in literacy, assessment and sustainability education. He has a special interest and teaching focus is the intersection between literacy, both digital and traditional, ecology and place based pedagogies.  

Research and Scholarly Activity 

Dr. Patrick Howard's current research focuses on phenomenology and its  relevance to more deeply understanding the experience of place based teaching and learning through greater attunement to lived experience. His other ongoing scholarly writing and research projects are exploring the experiences of teachers as creative risk takers, co - creators, and learning designers. 

PhD - University of Alberta

M.Ed - Memorial University of Newfoundland

B.A andB.Ed - Memorial University of Newfoundland