2004-2006- Funded Research - University of Alberta - PhD Thesis

In Search of a Living Literacy: Language, Literature and Ecological Sensibility

2010-2011 - Funded Research Project - Cape Breton University

Re-orienting the Literacy Classroom for the Values of Sustainability: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Curriculum Content

2011-2012: Funded Research Project: Cape Breton Centre for Health Research

Pedagogy and Pandemic: Elementary School Teachers' Experience of H1N1 Influenza in the Classroom ( a collaborative study with Public Health Studies -Cape Breton District Health Authority)

2011 - 2014: Funded Research Project: SSHRC

Title: Affinity Spaces and Ecologies of Practice: Infusing New Literacies into Teacher Education

2016 - 2019: Funded Research Project: SSHRC

Reconceptualizing Teachers' Roles for Canada's Creative Economy

Novel Studies

Trapper Boy - Teacher Resource  

Me and Mr. Bell - Teacher Resource